Monday, September 9, 2013

Sentiment over Substance!!!

Incumbent government has felt the need of pushing the pro-policy sentimental wave across the country and revving up the fast track decision making mechanism for many ultra big projects. I must say that it is a step towards right direction and the govt. must be appreciated for the same. But a question pops up suddenly in mind: Why such swift actions are being taken now? Are only elections the real reason this time? Or is it something else that is pushing the government to take such steps? And will the steps taken prove to be really beneficial for the incumbents?

Definitely the juxtapose between elections and pro-policy wave can be easily linked but is it the only thing which is forcing the UPA to take some immediate steps? NO. Except elections what the congress is trying to do is to paint the tainted image of the legendary party with pro-poor balm. The party of historic greats is trying to polish its tarnished and sullied image by bringing in some phenomenon acts together.

Food for poor and right price for their land (if getting acquired by a corporate) is a great way a party can help the needy to sustain his/her living, the thought process should be applauded but the timing of bringing these processes into execution is ludicrous.
  • On one hand where the Current A/c Deficit is becoming difficult to tame,
  • Fiscal deficit is ballooning because of the currency depreciation and
  • Oil prices soaring because of Syria issue
The government is not taking these factors into consideration and rolling out fat cheques for these good but ill-timed policies. These expenditure would make it difficult for the country to limit its Fiscal deficit numbers to 4.8% of GDP for this fiscal. Though Congress just got a breather with Mr. Raghuram Rajan taking over the helm at mint street which boasted the sentiments of investors and Rupee strengthened a bit but that is not enough.

Looking at the situation it's very easy to understand that the UPA led Congress today is betting over the sentiments of rural over the urban counterpart for the next general elections. As for these poverty stricken citizens the ballooning of deficit is not of much concern but their subsidised meal is of great importance.

 This time its the Ideological clash between the incumbents and the main opposition, if the present government is relying on sentiments for their votes then the biggest opposition should prove their substance to get the majority. 
Verdict of the next elections is in the hands of electorates now to choose either Sentiments or Substance!!!