Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trump or Hillary- What's in it for India?

People who are following the next big event which would have a global impact - selection of President of The USA (POTUS) 2016 would be keeping a close eye on the nearing finalisation of nomination of Donald trump and Hillary Clinton for the race to become the face of USA.

Lots of hue and cry, blame games are on, mud slinging and tantrums coupled with unprecedented comments and visuals are becoming the part of the mega campaigns. Worldwide people are guessing and creating an opinion on who and how would impact them. Who should be the right candidate and what changes would her or his selection mean to them.

India who would surpass China in the GDP % growth in couple of years as predicted by global financial bodies and are putting their bets on India to catapult the global growth rate, has lots of expectations from this campaign. From an IT perspective our global footprint is expanding and our resources are being given opportunities on foreign soils, can this get hit? Outsourcing issues are at the helm. US's Shale gas discovery and its unprecedented event to export the crude has crudely hit the market in terms of its value (rock bottomed)today. How will US deal with anti global terrorism acts of ISIS? Will India be benefited out of this? An extremely important question on how will we have to deal with terrorists and their lethal activities across globe. Foreign policy on US's association with Russia, Israel, North Korea and China is still not completely answered by any of the prospects.

Trump's mockery of Indian accent which has been an act of deliberations and arguments should not be judged on the way his final strategy would be framed upon. One must understand that there is a huge difference when one campaigns and when one gets elected. His harsh and critical remarks would only get subdued if he would ever get accommodated in Washington DC. On the other hand Hillary Clinton has not made any stark remarks on her foreign policy structures, she is still measuring each and every statement to its best without clarifying her thoughts and leaving the audience guessing. That's her style and one should respect that. Rallying on women power is something she enjoys and has command on but it's too quick to say anything now.

However, as of now I believe the race is still long way to go and would give each candidate a 50-50 chance of steering the way ahead. But yes, too radical and too irrational remarks would not help Donald for a long time. Mind the GAPS!! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Indifferent about “Nationalism” deception..

It’s been months now that in some or the other way an anti-nationalist or nationalist specific agenda has overpowered the prime time news bits and grabbed the headlines of various newspapers, journals and periodicals. Jibes by one party worker and counters by others, stalling the Parliament’s functioning, rethinking about our Constitutions’ fundamentals and its validity today and religious/caste/creed based issues are most widely discussed in forums, conclaves and confederations. Does our populations’ majority ruled middle class is actually concerned about these debates and their validity? Do these issues have any fundamental effect on their lives? Mere topics which are much talked about during their free time tea rounds with friends and families. That's it!!

 We are actually indifferent about such issues, believe it or not. Then what actually is important, what matters to us and what these political establishments should discuss to become relevant. Simple and the answer is known to all but it’s the lack of intent which is the major problem. Survival of a 5 year term with more of discussions on these sensitive cum invalid discussions and no elementary work on ground is the way a government finishes its term. And if a regulator shows any intent then opposition halts every ounce of efforts displayed by the legislature.

We are only concerned about development, upliftment of infrstructure agenda, bringing people above poverty line and making mass employment opportunities. Do we hear about such agendas on a daily basis? We would have a broad grin and laugh off. Whether you are tolerant enough or intolerant to issues, basic survival necessities is what a person needs and direly awaits for. Till the basic survival amenities are not fulfilled, these anti-national or national agendas are just discussion points. They stand no relevance for major section of our society. That is the reality and it’s relevant. Hope the political parties take a note and just not work for another term but a decade of relevance for masses.