Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Real Happiness!!!!!

Six figures salary, a beautiful small yet well designed and eqipped home, a small car, beautiful yet stylish laptop, small and happy family et on et on et on.... Desires would never cease and mind would never stop asking for more but have you ever thought that with this comes many problems attached to it; taxes(and there are many), maintenance of all the assets which is really time consuming and infinite family concerns. After facing all the challenges with great zeal there is no energy left to celebrate the real happiness. So if this is not the real elation then what is that which we are living for?
Now when your child speaks truth, when a butterfly enters your room and you get amazed to see its color glutted body, when you make some little child happy in slums when you give him a small toy car and he/she says THAKU to you and runs that smile on your face is the real curve of your lips, that is the real zeal and that is the true happiness....
But how often do we encounter with trueness of our elations - that is a rarity and its an elusive dream. But to make these rare moments turn to often moments we much react to our inner humane behaviour. We must contribute towards the situation to improve it and if we cannot take an active part in it then we must try to make that aware in the masses which could give it back to the society. If you cannot create a change then don't try to hamper others too. But just not trying and loosing hope would not make you really elated though material happiness can be achieved but for true happiness you have to strive for and walk that extra path out of you materialistic life...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Suffocating Freebies!!!!!

Not indulging in who won and who didn't, not counting the differences in the votes, not even evaluating the results of the polls through this article rather it's essence is in the backhand activities of our so called The Knights and their clunkers. The politicians in contemporary India believs in one time service(just b4 the elections) and succeed in their motives.
The same vicious circle was woven this time again. Distribution of coloured television sets, rice, wheat etc etc and on and on..... Last time expenditure on freebies to woo the voters or customers (to ask for favour in return) and you are in the main frame as the Chief Minister of a state. Some freebies are tangible in nature in some states and some are intangible in nature. Promises and short term development ideas, CHANGE and many more intangible views are sold to collect votes and you know what, you are in the frame........ Just be a great orator and throw your freebies of any nature, the better the quality of either the speech or the product the more votes you get.
I am not here to blame the candidates who are willing to sit on that powerful seat but the blame is on the people of our country. Just for a tv set give him/her the vote? What after the results of polls are out and a candidate becomes a CM? Then the same old story for the next 4 years(roads pathetic, sanitation appaling,eduaction for the children at naught etc) and then freebies in the last year.
People be pragmatic, suffering of 4 years and 1 year of products and you are satisfied and shower votes. Through freebies the candidates are stifling your democratic right and you open your mouth with same pleasure to get stuffed with the same old dirty cloth which was used 5 years back.
Stop opening up the mouth now!!!! Better starve for a year but give your blessing to a person who can take the same old cloth, wash it for you, give it to you with a neat fold to use as a hankerchief............. Think and Act

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Abbottabad or Obamabad??????

Last week in the wee hours of the day The most wanted terrorist on this earth was brutally shattered to death by the US SEAL(Sea, Air and Land) warriors and the most shocking aspect of this hollywood type cinematograpic killing of Osama was that the territorial head where the Mission Geromino was accompalished were not aware at all of what was happening in Abbottabad.
What can be said through the same? What can be brought out to the notice? What makes the attack on Osama more shocking? The answer is the Americans' authoritative dimension. Blocking Pakistan's radarfeeder to give way to their coverted mission justifies the same in a potent manner. But we can not blame Americans' for the same and Pakistan also should not cry for their breach of sovereignty.
Now after the attack fingers are pointed towards India and its capability to carry such attacks when we are sure that it's most wanted man is residing in it's neighbour but I feel that the situation in which Ameriis and in which India is completely different. With Dawood our Kashmir regions peace and prosperity is also linked and it can not be solved by a coverted mission by killing a being, this labyrinth (Kashmir) can be solved only by state to state talks.
Situation moulds the way to deal with it. But hats off to such a gutsy showcase of precision and bravery of SEALS or USA or OBAMA!!!!!!! The place should be named now OBAMABAD from ABBOTTABAD and even it will not be named after Obama this name will be written in the history of Abbottabad.......