Saturday, January 23, 2010

IPCC warning a Hoax!!!!!!

This came as a rude and a stunning shock. The panel which revealed the various harms and ill effects of global warming on our earth also revealed that the Himalayas are retreating at an alarming rate. This finding forced our Environment Minister to take a deep look into this matter and so he prepared a committee and the result was stunning, what ever the IPCC revealed was false and bogus, this is because the rate at which the melting at the himalyas are on is pretty normal rather its stable.Its not alarming.
When this report was unveiled then IPCC started to shout at this conclusion but couldnt prove this wrong, but the report descriptivey revealed the normalcy in the retreating process.
This overall dents the image and the accountability of the panel headed by Mr. Pachuri and also makes a point that the nature has again given our country a chance to redeem our faults and look back to the mistakes which we created in the name of Industrialisation and Growing Economic Country.
What you have to say????

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking Back The "Deemed" Status!!!! FUTURE UNCERTAIN....

The HRD ministry has taken a step to strip away the DEEMED status which was granted to 45 educational institutes in our country. The announcement of this news has spread the doubts on the future of various students ranging from 175000 to 210000. Though all these institutes were not meeting the parameters to be pronounced as a Deemed university. Some were lacking on the infrastructural basis, some on the management front, higher fee stuctures, disproportionate intake capacity are some of the few points which were notified.
Now the question arises: were all these points not visible while the status was being offered? If all these things an institute lacks then why the status was placed? Were there any monetary value changing proceedings which took place to play with the future of students? The point to note is, if the structure of the educational institutes is bonded with the Deemed status which is purchased for the personal gains keeping the future of students at the risk, then its a criminal offence and the perpetrators should be punished under law for such a 'henious' crime. And if there is a fake base of an institute then our country will never ever become a country with SUPER POWER status.
Now as the things are out in public, first of all pasing on the blame to the other person or to the govt. will not benefit in any case. Rather we should start thinking of the students whose future is left with uncertainity in the middle and should accomodate them in the other institutes with equal status by increasing the seats in other institutes on a random basis.

Fast Criminal Trials!!!!

The present government is contemplating to form a committee which will route through Supreme Court to District court in order to take the necessary steps for reving the trial speed for the criminals. Right now criminals are stuffed into jails exceeding in their capacities and out of these convicts majority have been jailed for petty issues, many have spent most of their convicting period and many did not even got the right to use the courts. law and advocates to prove their innocence.
In such a situation where convicts are languishing their lives in jails in an appalling situation with no proper food, lack of sanitary facilities and in unhygienic conditions, this thought by the current govt. to speed up the trials to get the quick result comes as a boon for the convicts and their kins.
Now as the process is on track we just pray that it does not fall to the same lethargic govt. trend of dragging the issues, accumulating more time to get the things out, adding on the flabs of beaurocracy and on and on and on, their are many features of govt. to diss upon. But in this case we hope and pray that this issue is dealt with urgency and the plight of the prisoners is taken care of.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Indian Cricket's Pinnacle Position is the not Permanent but is just a display of Perfection!!!!

A great legend cricketer commented on the temporary primal position acquired by the Indian Cricket team in the Test cricket which is the real performance parameter for the cricket team.
I do agree with the not-so-permanent-status of our team, but by attaining that peak we have shown that its not just monetary or financial matters where we have gained supremacy but the on field performance is also by far the best.
To attain this position speaks a lot about the strenghts which our team persists, the coach and players relationship, the player to player bonding and understanding is stronger now and the way we have started taking defeats in our strides is really commendable. These things really put our team in the top slot with maximum points. Dressing room atmosphere is more friendlier now with many smiles flowing out of the room which is a good sign of team's new and formiddable bonding.
But there are various plots where we need to work upon. Though oru bowling is strong but it is not the best. It require a lot of discipline to sustain the top post. Players like Zaheer and Harbhajan requires support from the other end which is sometimes too good and sometimes appaling. This incosistency is relly dangerous. Even fielding department is a cause to worry. laxity in this department can be a lethal cause to loose various important matches so we need to be accurate in our fielding practices.
Apart all these technical aspect, in short it can be said that though we are not the team with more time on the top because of less matches played or any other reason but by coming to the we have shown the world that in the upcoming years we ae the real contendors to the pinnacle point.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lessons From Haiti....

Earthquake in Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, really terrifyies the blood out of you. It is one of the most disastarous quake of the recent times, taking into its fold many of the lives, destruction of mass infrastructural properties and it even wide open our eyes to the reality of our preparedness to such calamity in future. India being and growing as a super power should be equipped to sustain calamities of such maganitude. If we can not control the entire destruction magnitude then atleast we can mitigate the destruction level to the minimum.
The upcoming years, where our country's economic formidability and infrastructural consolidation will be judged, we need to be prudent enough to tackle these kind of uninformed natural calamities and should be prepared enough to reduce the loss of lives and property.
For this there are certain points which I feel should be taken into consideration, to protect ourselves. First and foremost, people should be made aware of disater management which will propell them to do the right things at the right time, next is the strict enforcement of the prevailing policies while construction, establish new and better building codes coupled with the enforcement of sever punishment by law for those who do not follow the laid standards while construction to reduce the cost.
These points which I mentioned does not require any rocket science explanatory details, these things are obvious and necessary for the government to think and act upon on an urgent basis to fortify its citizen from any catastrophe.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lexicon Scarcity????

As per a recent study conducted it was examined that the Genext is using and learning the lexicon or words which are far below of what they actually should & this scarcity will hamper their chances to get a professional job in the near future.
The reason behind these pondering thoughts is because of the usage of Chats, Net Scraps etc. What I feel is that these statements are true but just a begining of an origination of a new language. Shorter, simpler and crispy language is the next door language.
Technology is changing rapidly and in this fast moving competition with minimal time fast spoken words with less alphabets are the words in use and trend. These changes and reduction in the lexicon is bearable until it hampers the meaning of the word used or the sentence used. The only thing constant is the change, if this change sprouts up a new shorter version of a language, then its acceptability is also supported by the Genext.
Changes are bound to happen until its irrational and illogical.
Wat U Hv 2 Say?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NRIs to VOTE!!!!!

Prime Minister's sincere wish to widen the Indians participation in forming the Next Government in the upcoming general elections by the inclusion of Non Resident Indians and granting them the right to vote is a very novel thought. When the remittances which are sent by the NRIs to India, are included in the calculation of GDP, then why not their views and votes for the formulation of the next goverment. A bill to this effect have been passed way back in 2006 but still not yet implemented.
Being the largest and the most well established democratic power in the world, INDIA should consolidate its people's interest by allowing the NRIs to partipate in the voting process from the next general election. Many countries have already given conset to their citizens living abroad to vote, then why not INDIA????

Monday, January 11, 2010

Govt's Ignorance to Oz Attacks!!!!

Case after case, many Indians have become the victim of the apparently called Racist Attacks by the ruthless and ill behaved young aussies. The sad demise of Nitin Garg should atleast force the Indian Govenment now to take an immediate step or to create a doctrine for the Indians abroad to follow it up to protect their interset. Legions of Australian Ministers have tried to protect their country's interest by giving assurances various times to India about the attaks by repeating the words that they will curb it out. But that is not happening.
Now it is the turn of the Indian Government to leave aside the rhetoric speeches and implement some new sringent policies for the aussies to seaze any more such incidents. And if it still continues then to protect the citizens out there a strict CALL BACK should be done. Career can only flourish if there is safety and security around. And in this case our own country has the of the best colleges of the world and it readily welcomes our citizens back to flourish their careers.....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Revival Economy Cues!!!!

As we can still hear the reverberations of the economic slowdown which can be felt in the slumbing economic condition in Dubai. But thanks to our Banking policies which cutioned us from such a mess.
But as we enter into 2010 we can expect to grow at a rate of 9% in the current Financial Year, watching the previous FY. The reason to back this can be determined by the rising inflation, more and more shopoholics are back in the malls again, Job seekers are back in their recruiting trend and the purchasing power or the disposable income has increased substantially.
But the area where we have to revive or to pull our socks up is the development of infrastructural sector ranging from Healthcare establishment, roadways development, Institutional structure etc and this is the major area of concern and this is the REAL economy development indicator, the more the infrastructural components the more stronger the Inclusive economy. Stock market do represent the emerging economy indices but that is not the ideal barometer to check the emergence of the economy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fog's Interruption in Daily Routine- Govt's Laxity!!!!

Fog induced chaos in Northern India in winters is a regular affair. Disrupting various flight schedules, passenger bloated airports and long waiting queues for their flight to take off are the few common scenes in winters which causes a hell lot of promlems and brings misery for the passengers.
It even creates a bad impression in the mindset of the tourists for our country. Being a Technology Savvy country we can't provide an easy going air traffic schedules at this time of the year.
Even after knowing the problems the government is obstinate to take the corrective action to improve this appalling situation. Though technologies like CAT 3 instruments and RVR systems are installed but their constant upkeep is not done constantly and resulting in the malfunctuning of these systems at the time it is supposed to work properly.
As an emerging and a devoloping country it is our duty to ensure a congestion and a halt free air traffic schedules to promote and increase the influx of tourists from other countries to visit INDIA for Tourism and Business promotions, as Air Transport is the major and an imperative link of connection.

Monday, January 4, 2010

All Izz Well is Realistic in Contemporary Life!!!!!

3 Idiots really comes as a bolt from the blue in this complex and sofisticated life for many of the people. It helps to show the reality and the simplicity of life in an explicit manner.
Though chanting of such phrases like "ALL IZZ WELL" will not directly help you to get rid off the difficult situation but surely it provides and reinvigorates a new zeal of energy and creates a peaceful mindset to get out of any complex situations.