Saturday, July 23, 2016

Quarter-Full of Socio-Economic Events across Globe!!

Coming 90-100 days are extremely eventful socially and economically for the globe. United States of America would undergo it's Presidential election - Will Clinton get Trumped? Yet to be seen. But for sure a stand on immigration, ISIS, Russia and China's maritime is a sure shot decision which a new leader has to take.

Indian Prime Minister and his government will try and push reforms track forward (Not just FDI extension reforms) - GST is still a hope, can it be a reality? I am hopeful if our legislators take pride in taking decisions.

China's south China sea conflict seems to exaggerate with China not budging an ounce on the issue, it would be interesting to see how other nations react to it. Can impact trade and create trust deficit as well.

Pakistan which is considered to be an upcoming economy but with its internal conflicts and ineffective resistance over menace outfits, it would pose a tough situation for SE Asia.

Brexit and its financial volatility in the market would pose a serious question on the readiness of the countries to protect its domestic economies from the external threats. It would as well raise concerns on the Macro-prudential policies/reforms adopted by countries.

All set for the roller-coaster days ahead to come up. Brace yourself up and experience the volatility.

"Is volatility the new Norm in the markets? Well we cant deny the fact.."