Monday, March 29, 2010

Computing Functionality "Copy and Paste" is literally Indispensable today!!!!

For survival and good living Oxygen, water, food, friends and family is indispensable. These are the most important and essential living factors today. But in this technological driven society where projects, assignments, power point presentations etc are the tools to represent your facts and figures, have you ever thought or something ever stuck into your mind about the N times use of CONTROL+V and CONTROL+C option. Be it any document or project work which needs to be completed in a fixed span of time the COPY and PASTE option always comes handy.
Actually this functionality really simplifies lots of task which needs to be carried. And when the mother of all searche engines like GOOGLE dominates and in few click details out on any topic then COPY PASTE is really essential.
We never thought of it, never ever imagined that just four clicks several times can short script the essence of the document. Though mind and ingenuity is required for the usage of this function but if utilised professionally, this is the real boon for every person who is involved in creating and manuscripting projects and assignments, irrespective of what profession he/she is involved with.
Though this CNTRL V and CNTRL C is just an option to help us, we should not always rely on these for all our work and assessments, rather realising and understanding the lines before copying and pasting is require to get the real knowledge of what we are expected to do.
Just think and assess of what is written above, though this is inevitable but this will really and surely move your attention towards the COPY and PASTE option with a little Gratitude!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ostentatious Display of Wealth, Deep Rotten Crisis Management System etc etc- It seems the future is Dead Locked!!!!

Below Poverty Line (BPL) is line which keeps on stretching and widening in our country. Every year millions of people gets added to this section of society just because they are not able to meet their daily requirement of necessities and their disposable income is far too low. This is just one part of the fact the other fact is the Ostentatious display of wealth by our ministers by wearing and showing off the garland studded with the highest indian denomination currency.
The reason of this differenciation clearly signifies the yawning gap or the never to be reduced abyss between the rich and the poor. Our Government promises term after term to bridge this gap but it always happen to be the opposite.
How can a citizen put his/her faith on the governing body of India which do not stand by its commitmment?
If this is not enough to raise your eye brows then bear this one!!!! Park street Kolkata- charred bodies of the people were found on the fifth and the sixth floor. The reason was a massive inferno and to add salt to the wound or to make the situation more critical the fire fighting teams with full preparedness reached 85 minutes after the fire raged. This shows the Rotten Crisis management System of our country. Many lives could have been saved and minimum casualty could be assessd if the Fire fighting brigades reached the destination of havoc on time but it did not happen.
These incidents simply potrays our vulnerability in front of our underprepared government. And at the time of crises we can not hope to get the help on the time when it requires the most. Its a bit shocking and ironical to say but it is the truth that we have dipped our expectations from the government at the lowest level in any circumstances, which should be with us and beside us in any case.
So if such a scenario prevails then the future is a certain Dead Lock........

Monday, March 22, 2010

Suggestions and Comments with your Views required!!!!

Hi!! Friends
This Blog is not about my views on any hot topic or any thing revolving in my mind, but this blog is reaching to you for the views or suggestions of your's that can help me evolve more into this Blog writing.
And also want you to describe the abyss felt by you in my writings so that i can try to fill that up in the upcoming writings.

Dhruv Chopra
(Be Attached!!!! Be Informative!!!!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

M.F Husain - Right of individuality in danger!!!!!

M.F Husain(MFH) renounces his Indian citizenship and accepts being an Quatari.
This news relly creates a sense of anxiety in mind and plenty of questions are raised in mind. why he did this? What is the reason behind? Why did not the Indian govt do anything?
And the answers are here- The artist of that calibre was tortured, his art of presenting the views on canvass was vandalised. Religious fanatics were always in search of an opportunity to damage his sentiments and his exhibitions. Precisely MFH was suffoecated by the resistance of external fanatics to showcase his art/ideas.
Fanatics enunciated that MFH was hampering & showing disrespect to the dieties of a religion by canvassing their in the buff images(especially Godesses). And so they were religiously hurt by his pervertive art forms and so vandalised his exhibitions and irritated him and resisted him to display his talent.
Vandalising, destructing, irritating someone and resisting to display his/her ideas is not the right way to protest. This may hnegative impact on the mindset of the reciever and even the country has to pay for this. In MFH's case, he flew to Dubai, paused his painting instinct but never stopped. He still creates what he wants, the way he wants. His creations in his way.
And accepted the Quatar's citizenship.
So, what i personnaly feel and think is, if any one wants to protest against some one or shout and stand out to depict anger then he/she is allowed to do that in a democracy but should never suffocate him/her to take such a drastic stand, and at the end we lost MF Hussain.
Now when already he is a Quatari, its share stupidityraise questions on lack of tacking decisions by govt. or by repenting. Its better to accept the reality.
And finally we should learn somthing from this oust, otherwise all the forceful export of talent would make INDIA as a talent-barren country.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Take the Ownership first and then blame Government!!!!

This article of mine totally centralizes on the "Chalta Hai" attitude which we have engrossed and inculcated in ourselves. Such an attitude plays a pivotal role for blaming the government for each and every wrong doing, for every misconduct, for every violation of rules in short for every thing which is away from its usual path of happening, we directly without even thinking for a while, in a split of second blame it to the government. Few commonly used adages are: The Government Is blind to see it?, Why the hel Government doesnt correct it? etc and there are innumerable of such statements.
But now here the wafer thin truth lies. Did we ever thought what we could do to solve any of the problem which is caused in dat to day life? Why after seeing any misconduct or a bad happening , we blame it to the goverment directly? Why always government has to solve the problems or is it only the government's duty to solve the problem??
The answer to the above mentioned question is, we being the citizen of a country should take initiative and should take actions to solve the problems which could cracked on an individual level. Why only blame the government for every bits and pieces?
Problems, misconduct , violation of rules and much more mishappenings always involves the normal people in it and around, then why cant the problem be solved by the people who created it? Why always pass on the buck to the Government? Does it not be considered as the duty of each and every individual to perform his/her bit to find out the solution.
And if the government creates laws, rules and regulations to pause the mishappenings around, then also it is the people who cheat, break and violates the law just because they are magneted by greed and selfishness nature.
If such mean and self centered behaviour of human being continues to prevail then the government's rules and regulations will never be followed and absorbed in the system.
Take an example: an year ago, The usage of plastic bags were banned to be used for the environmental benefits. But ask yourself before saying that the rules were not strict enough to follow, have you taken an initiative of not using the plastics in public or have you taken a lead in teaching/advising/suggesting others of the plastic's harmful effect on the environment?
But we never lack energy or inertia in blaming government for every bit of a problem.
WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.... Government can only create laws but to abide them its WE....
Initiation and Trusteeship/ownership of the work/act towards the people around you is the real panacea of the problems around you.
So next time before blaming the Government instantly, Think Twice and ask, what have you done to solve this problem!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If elusive dream of reservation for women fulfills, then wat next????

The fight for the claiming the majority for the reservation of women in Parliamentary discussions, Lok sabha and RS is on. But still results are yet too far. The Bill if passed will definately help to bring the women to the world stage in tackling national issues and her's political representation will also give a different perspective for different issues which can really help to understand the issues from the whole new dimension.
Now the question arises: Suppose the bill gets passed, then do we have enough politically prepared women to take solid and strong steps for the controversial and issues related to the problems ranging from caste, creed to the national security and integrity???? Do we have even now many politically entusiast women around? The answer is NO. Rather the situation will get worsen because if the law is passed and there are no actual candidates for the assigned 33% seats then just to fill those places many underachieved women will take place and will be part of a problem. Many politically smeared males will try to fix in their kins for that reserved seats just to achieve their own goals without any hurdles. Then what will happen is really appaling and the situation with the case above will only get bad to worse and the problems will keep on piling up.
So what i feel is to capture a new breed of young and dynamic women, it is always essential to take the politics seriously. To avoid the personalisation of the seats reserved, to think about the country and its people it is imperative to select the right person for the right job. Rest what i think is, whosoever has the capibilty to withstand that seat's pressure and who thinks about the coubtry's progress should be opted for that coveted seat, irrespective of whether it is He or She......

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lethargic Reflex Action of the Government!!!!

Terror carnage after carnage, innocence lives are piling up, death toll soars up after every attack, bloodbath is witnessed every where, these are the scences which are commonly shown in the news via newspapers and T.V channels. Every man who is saved from such an attack or is not the part of the tragedy in the next few days comes across various headlines as:
1. Police starts investigating the devastated area.
2. Death Toll soars.
3. Government investigates to find out the terror group responsible for the attack.
4. New group emerges or the same LeT etc takes responsibility.
5. Monetary valuation is presented to the victim's family.
6. Few days later the Home minister orders for some new consolidated security regime.
7. News dust settles down and people forgets the attack.
8. Government does nothing. everything remains same.
9. At the end after few months, another attack and more people dies.

And again this vicious circle goes. It is an appalling truth. Government does nothing and we the people who are not the part of the tragedy does the same.
Why there is always such a lethargic and slow reactions by the government. Every incumbent government promises a lot of things but nothing happens and the innocenct people suffers. Why ????
Why the united States was not attacked after 9/11? Why India after a gap of few moths always gets exposed to a tragedy?
Why not the Government gets strict towards handling terror strikes, to protect its citizens?
There are plenty of questions which can be raised, there are innumerable apologies the govt can make to their people, but then why can not it reat spontaneously and effectively?
People raise questions and the govt presents theory and analysis, but implements nothing, why?
Nobody can give answers except the Government it self......
But i am asking all of you a question, Do you feel safe while roaming in the public stuffed places?
is there any sense of fear that has developed in you minds? And the answer is Yes...
Terror did its work and Govenment is still preparing analytical statistical reports..........