Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amazing Human Spirit, breaking all Odds!!!!

Its the last day of the year and in the hospitality industry its the pinnacle of the booming business time. This day is the longest day which really lasts long(walk the talk), people even after pain in their muscles dont forget to transmitt smiles to the guest and tries their best to camouflage their pain n display warmth.
I personally saw this rare display of human nature and was awestuck. This was the actual display of mettle which rest of the people in their lives talk about but i witnessed it this time. Their dedication towards the work was fantabulous and in short it was the palpable display of warmth.
Even after working for twenty hours at a strech with each and every muscled put into action as soon as the clock ticked 00:00 AM , all their pain flew off, the worry of the stressful work was vanished and they joined their tone of cheerfulness with thousands of other people gathered out there.
It was phenomenon. And as soon the real spark of the Clock entering the New 365 days doused off the people were back to their work of presenting the Malted Drinks and the Freshly made eatables to the party enjoying people out there.
Such a tremendous display of switching back to the proffession after a spark of enjoyment on a night which really attracts you for its hip hop and fashionable magnetic attraction is phenomenon and Fantastic. Heads Off............

There is always a learning from these Professionals...... Because Learning Is Growth and Growth Is Life!!!!


  1. Very true...
    Hats off to the spirit of those who
    forgetting their pain live n njoy every moment to make others lyf beautiful n njoyable...

  2. Yes its their Humanity which lasts for a long long time.

  3. the harsh reality of hotel industry xpressed in a very beautiful & true manner