Sunday, May 29, 2016

Modi Govt's 2 year of Intent, Development would supersede!!

Multiple Yojnas (Programs), last mile reach through "Mann ki Baat" - being connected to the smallest hamlet in rural India and display of intent to take the country on the path of Socio-Economic development is what the two years of the governments was all about.

One can not expect a sudden surge in the development post a regime change, but it is all about a conducive environment which is essential for a country to move forward. Work on the ground level would not have been so evident (power cuts are still incessant in many parts of the country, last mile connectivity is still a concerns) but the intent to take the country on the world's fastest growing economic speed path is evident and accorded.

More than any opposition that the current government should prepare themselves off, it is the natural events that the governments should keep a track on. No opposition party can harm the ruling party than the natural disasters that pose a threat to the government. These events pose a threat on the government's preparedness and its ability to pacify the situation to normalcy. National Disaster Management front has to be buckled up to face events like "Himachal Blaze", monsoon's preparedness, Chennai Floods and many more. These horrific events have a direct impact on the economic well being of the nation and hence its approach is talked over on various global platforms.

On one side if the government is pushing the path of development then it should also measure the acts which can drag its intent of forward push. Our reliance on environment for economic prosperity is evident but its reverse impact can be as detrimental to the economy that it can leave an irreparable damage.

Wish and hope for a healthy well being but as we all are aware things are not rosy on environment front - Hence, are we prepared?

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Human Index improvement and Ecological Well Being is essential to enjoy the Economic Advancement!!

Ecstatic with the recent state bound poll results, BJP led NDA expanded its presence in Assam and sprouted its existence in Kerela and West Bengal but on the other hand Congress is staring at a big survival question mark. What strategy to be adopted? How to adopt? Karnataka (an extremely vital state) is going to polls and is on the block. Who to lead and how to project the leader? Imminent congress leaders do believe that an introspection and surgery is essential.

Whatever the case may be, if we are concerned about India's development and is progress, results were progressive and hence keeps our growth engine intact. Opposition to GST would narrow with TMC viewing to back the indirect tax reform and support would only widen. Bankruptcy Law would start showing its effect soon and with GST on the block, monsoon session of the Parliament would be an unprecedented one.

Things do seems to be going forward for economic progression but are we heading towards an inclusive social well being as well? NO we are not. Natural calamity in the form of drought has taken a massive toll in more than 10 states. We need more than transportation of water, we need coherent discussion and laws to deal with such disasters. States have to adhere to sensitivity and look for more collaboration with the center. All parties should focus on discussion and should form a formidable act which can cater to people who need it most in these states. Any loss of days in the parliament or deadlock would only highlight the insensitivity of our legislatures.

Human index improvement and ecological development is essential to enjoy the Economic Advancement.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Reform Springs sans Political Mileage

Last couple of weeks has been a pot boiler of events for Indians across globe, all thanks to the domestic circumstances which prevailed for quiet some time but culminated in last few weeks. Long due enactment of Bankruptcy Act (with an astonishingly majority of "Ayes" at lightening speed @ both houses) and with a failed-coup try by the central government in Uttarakhand, this fortnight culminated with lots apprehensions and curiosity.

Apprehensions because of hastiness shown by the BJP led opposition in Uttarakhand. Coup styled events led to the President's rule for some days but status-quo prevailed and state Congress leader Harish Rawat was back at the helm. This hastiness raised many eyebrows but all waited till the floor test and BJP had to retract. Yet again a humiliation in a state. Why is BJP not able to mark its presence in various states where it has emerged as a main opposition but couldn't be at the helm. Many believes that the central strategy creators for the party do not understand the ground realities and their tactics are whipped away easily. Let's hope that BJP's think tanks do realize that actions are taken on the ground and strategy formulation should inculcate the ground zero sentiments. Central Congress strategists on the other hand gave all their leeway to Rawat to react and act with freedom. The results are well known to us.

BJP led government should on the other hand be appreciated for their ability to enact the Bankruptcy law which was pending for more than 4 years at an alarming speed. This hastiness and collaboration with all other parties for its smooth enactment highlights their will and intent to move things up. Mauritius Treaty's amendments and moving towards level playing field for many foreign institutional and portfolio investors is absolutely spot on. This states and highlights India's efforts across globe to curd the Black money menace and brings under scrutiny of possible round-tipping of Indian funds.

Wish and hope that the collaborative effort of the government should also help in passing the much delayed GST act and brings in uniformity in the indirect tax structuring. The biggest and mega reforms are still not tick marked yet.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Democracy in Shambles - Needs Revival across Nations

We all have now witnessed the infamous Turkish Parliament brawl, one parliamentarian punching the other, shouting, screaming, abuses and what not & these are the legislators who have the powers to make, amend or break the laws for the benefit of the masses in general. Ask any Indian, were the scenes of Turkey Parliament brawl amazes them? Answer would be NO. Its a deja vu for many as we have seen our legislators doing what not in parliament. But this piece is not about comparing the acts of one parliament with another, this is more about Democracy and the progressive nature  this style of ruling boasts about. Is it really reeling benefits for nations across globe?

No doubt that every one in Democracy has the right to speech, freedom of expression and various other freedoms which none autocratic nation would enjoy but when it comes to administration - Democracy is not so fulfilling for many. You have the right to select your leaders but democracy limits the execution. In India, we have been hearing about the implementation of GST (one of many enactments)for a decade now, Modi-led government has completed 2 years now but has we witnessed the universally levied tax coming to fore? We might have few acts passed in Lok Sabha but Rajya Sabha (upper house) holds the enactments (blame the minority which the ruling government has). Administrative powers of Democracy if needs to be clipped or ratified should be done. If Pro-Democracy means snarls, delays or indecisiveness then I don't think we are enjoying our Democracy.

People are questioning the odds of Donald Trump becoming the President of The USA and are also questioning the choices which the people of US are making. I believe and has full faith on the choices which the people would make but if this freedom of choice leads them to an arena of indecisiveness then they would also question their judgement.

Also, if we are blessed with Democracy then repeated pronouncements of being able to choose what one wants and what one chooses to be, is not the only pro-factor of democracy but execution of choices, enactments of fundamentally beneficial acts and progressive approach towards mass benefits is what justice, equality, freedom and being republic is all about.

Legislators should have the onus to perform and enunciate the benefits of democracy but acts of hooliganism and disorder creates an irreparable mental void for the masses and it might take decades before one starts trusting the law and legislators again.

Please Mind the Gap/Void!!