Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If elusive dream of reservation for women fulfills, then wat next????

The fight for the claiming the majority for the reservation of women in Parliamentary discussions, Lok sabha and RS is on. But still results are yet too far. The Bill if passed will definately help to bring the women to the world stage in tackling national issues and her's political representation will also give a different perspective for different issues which can really help to understand the issues from the whole new dimension.
Now the question arises: Suppose the bill gets passed, then do we have enough politically prepared women to take solid and strong steps for the controversial and issues related to the problems ranging from caste, creed to the national security and integrity???? Do we have even now many politically entusiast women around? The answer is NO. Rather the situation will get worsen because if the law is passed and there are no actual candidates for the assigned 33% seats then just to fill those places many underachieved women will take place and will be part of a problem. Many politically smeared males will try to fix in their kins for that reserved seats just to achieve their own goals without any hurdles. Then what will happen is really appaling and the situation with the case above will only get bad to worse and the problems will keep on piling up.
So what i feel is to capture a new breed of young and dynamic women, it is always essential to take the politics seriously. To avoid the personalisation of the seats reserved, to think about the country and its people it is imperative to select the right person for the right job. Rest what i think is, whosoever has the capibilty to withstand that seat's pressure and who thinks about the coubtry's progress should be opted for that coveted seat, irrespective of whether it is He or She......


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  2. I agree, we first need to build up women leaders of such caliber otherwise they will be like puppets who will dance on the tunes of their masters.....