Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NRIs to VOTE!!!!!

Prime Minister's sincere wish to widen the Indians participation in forming the Next Government in the upcoming general elections by the inclusion of Non Resident Indians and granting them the right to vote is a very novel thought. When the remittances which are sent by the NRIs to India, are included in the calculation of GDP, then why not their views and votes for the formulation of the next goverment. A bill to this effect have been passed way back in 2006 but still not yet implemented.
Being the largest and the most well established democratic power in the world, INDIA should consolidate its people's interest by allowing the NRIs to partipate in the voting process from the next general election. Many countries have already given conset to their citizens living abroad to vote, then why not INDIA????


  1. Why not? When resident Indians (a major chunk of them)have stopped casting votes, why not give the NRIs an opportunity? Well thought option!

  2. Yes, this is a well contemplated thought. Lets accept the views and suggestions through the votes casted by NRIs.....