Friday, June 4, 2010

Is LOVE a Mathematical Theory Calculation????

A feeling of knowing someone through heart, a true sense of belongingness for another person, a charismatic smile when close together, a pure feeling of attachement for your beloved and many more such lines describe the true and the palpable touch of LOVE in one's life. Living in the loving atmosphere is every one's dream and every one has the complete right to select or choose a person with whom he/she can spend the life together.
But here is the catch!!!!
Is it so easy in this contemporary life to choose a person with whom you want to carry on your life ahead?
The answer is an emphatic YES!!! Its easy to decide or choose a person as your partner but it is difficult to convince the society of the same.
And in this land of southern asia, we have lots of rituals and beliefs which are concieved before the partner's selection. And the latest one which i read in one of the dailies is the GOTRA.
I call it a GOTRA MATRIX.... I dont know the intricacies of the system but have learnt that it is prohibitted to marry with a same gotra partner. The reason states that there might be genetical problems which can evolve in the later stage of life if the same gotra relationship continues.
This has confused me off completely. Getting to know a person who was a stranger earlier, sentiments evolved and became closer to each other and when came to know that both are of the same gotra, the relation gets off the track. This is the reality and what i feel, it is completely insane.
Today the society thinks about the genetical disoders when of the same gotra, tommorrow the same blood group marriage will be on the hit lists because it may lead to further difficulties ahead and then something more irrational will get in to the picture.
I ask all the pro-gotra believing people out there, what they know about the genetics? What possibility of the facts have turned out in reality concerning science this behind the gotra? There are hardly any instances present to prove this fact. There might be but the examples are rare.
And so in this contemporary INDIA just believing on the facts which are being carried forward from ages is something which is irrational. We should question the facts now and ask the reasons for it because we live in the life of facts and figures to prove ourselves.

What you think about this?????


  1. a gud one tum mein bhi ye gotra mana jata hai???i didnt problem to mere yahan hoti hai....

  2. Dont know Nidhi whether it is relevant or not but i think its of not much importance in today's life ,where bonding between the couple is the best measuring tool for their happiness!!!!