Monday, July 12, 2010

Gargantuan Win at an Appropriate Time!!!!!

Gaze through some interesting facts below:-
  • Seven Quaters of recession has crippled its economic engines.
  • Gross Domestic Product is in negative.
  • Unemployment is about to cross an appaling 20 percent.
  • Budget Deficit equalling almost 10 percent.
  • But, atlast an Awe-Inspiring FIFA 2010 World Cup Win...

The last pointer clearly enunciates the country about whom I am talking about, yes its SPAIN.

A fantastic win in the latest edition of world cup was really fantastic and even fortune favoured it(Dr Paul Octopus, prophecy master) and we all knew about its win a day before :).

But except the last mentioned fact all the above one reflects the pathetic economic condition of the country. Spain accounts for 12 percent of the eurozone economy and as we are aware of the dismal fiscal condition of the zone the country's condition is inevitable.

But what i feel that in this time for a crisis crippled country like Spain, the world cup win should prove to not less than an economic stimulus. The country is now a world champ and many people around the world are crazy to unveil facts about the country, its players, its culture, environment and many more things. They would want to visit the country and explore its facts, in short people will be excited to be associated with the name Spain.

This would definately result in the soaring up of the tourism sector, it would inject more and more foreign currency into the country's malnutritioned economic scenario and this would automatically maximize the SPAIN's name through out the continents.

According to me its an advantage bestowed to Spain to come out of its crippling situation and to boost its economic strength to the maximum, but this can only be possible if the government takes the appropriate this would turn out into a boom for the country.

What say!!!!!!

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