Sunday, August 15, 2010


Might be bewildered by the hybrid formation of the word from the combination of Jugaard and Innovation but that is what signifies the most astonishing philosophy used by billions in India. Be it the farmers, hosewives, management honchos or beginners going to school, every body is well versed with the effectiveness of the word Jugaard and its implications.
The word can be tamed as a process which simplifies a phenomenon and gives an easy way to carry out a task. The task can be to jump over many obstacles and hurdles to make the work simpler or to bring about a change in the complex issues.
People around the world call it innovation in various fields with hell lot of investment put into to bring about a new idea into an implementation stage but in our country millions of ideas sprout up in various district in many states to improve their process of working and that too cheap and with very less investment inputs.
Take an example of punjab green lush fields(before the tractors venture), farmers in swathes found it difficult to irrigate their land, so they invented a four wheeled cart with generators fitted over it carrying water tankers for irrigation(a perfect Jugaar) but then this idea ventured in tractors and machines.
Business Honchos use this jugaar to simplify license raj process with the politicians and so they erupt corruption in the system too.
This jugaar-o-vation so even influences new ideas but also in some way or the other poisons our system with corruption and blakens the blood.

But at the end this coined word has become an integral part of our lives. And it also signifies the soaring intellect level of our citizens.......... What you say?????

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