Saturday, May 7, 2011

Abbottabad or Obamabad??????

Last week in the wee hours of the day The most wanted terrorist on this earth was brutally shattered to death by the US SEAL(Sea, Air and Land) warriors and the most shocking aspect of this hollywood type cinematograpic killing of Osama was that the territorial head where the Mission Geromino was accompalished were not aware at all of what was happening in Abbottabad.
What can be said through the same? What can be brought out to the notice? What makes the attack on Osama more shocking? The answer is the Americans' authoritative dimension. Blocking Pakistan's radarfeeder to give way to their coverted mission justifies the same in a potent manner. But we can not blame Americans' for the same and Pakistan also should not cry for their breach of sovereignty.
Now after the attack fingers are pointed towards India and its capability to carry such attacks when we are sure that it's most wanted man is residing in it's neighbour but I feel that the situation in which Ameriis and in which India is completely different. With Dawood our Kashmir regions peace and prosperity is also linked and it can not be solved by a coverted mission by killing a being, this labyrinth (Kashmir) can be solved only by state to state talks.
Situation moulds the way to deal with it. But hats off to such a gutsy showcase of precision and bravery of SEALS or USA or OBAMA!!!!!!! The place should be named now OBAMABAD from ABBOTTABAD and even it will not be named after Obama this name will be written in the history of Abbottabad.......

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