Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Real Happiness!!!!!

Six figures salary, a beautiful small yet well designed and eqipped home, a small car, beautiful yet stylish laptop, small and happy family et on et on et on.... Desires would never cease and mind would never stop asking for more but have you ever thought that with this comes many problems attached to it; taxes(and there are many), maintenance of all the assets which is really time consuming and infinite family concerns. After facing all the challenges with great zeal there is no energy left to celebrate the real happiness. So if this is not the real elation then what is that which we are living for?
Now when your child speaks truth, when a butterfly enters your room and you get amazed to see its color glutted body, when you make some little child happy in slums when you give him a small toy car and he/she says THAKU to you and runs that smile on your face is the real curve of your lips, that is the real zeal and that is the true happiness....
But how often do we encounter with trueness of our elations - that is a rarity and its an elusive dream. But to make these rare moments turn to often moments we much react to our inner humane behaviour. We must contribute towards the situation to improve it and if we cannot take an active part in it then we must try to make that aware in the masses which could give it back to the society. If you cannot create a change then don't try to hamper others too. But just not trying and loosing hope would not make you really elated though material happiness can be achieved but for true happiness you have to strive for and walk that extra path out of you materialistic life...

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