Friday, July 8, 2011

A Supplicant or a Powerful Countrymen ????

A farmer with land is really sought after today, irrespective of the land being fertile, what the government wants is just acquisition of the land for so called development to happen in the rural areas. I find it ironic, first break the grip of the sole livelihood earner of the family, snatch his assets and then vows to make progress.
This is just an example of what is happening in almost every state of our country. Government sometimes forgets that it is for the people and only for them. Increase in GDP of the country is not the sole criteria for making progress in the society rather increasing the satisfaction level and happiness across the countrymen is the lynchpin for success and development. And to make this possible government needs to unsolve many labyrinths but two basic mazes are discussed as follows:
• Land Acquisitions- As we talk about land acquisitions in India adjectives like forceful, brutal, cruel, barbaric, inhumane and many more words strike our mind and all these harsh adjectives are against farmers (one of the poorest section of our society) and pro industrialism. Singur, Nandigram and Greater Noida are some of the examples to tell the gloomy tale but still the government has not come out with a deal to balance the required development which is essential for the country and the rural domain progress. Land is extremely vital in this densely populated country but snatching it from some and offering favor to others is not at all acceptable.
To sustain the farmers’ happiness and income generation factors making them the stakeholders of the particular project for which their own land is used would be the best possible solution rather than snatching their land and letting them die as a pauper.

• Inflation- Whether a person knows about it or not but this word is in everyone’s vocabulary these days. In any casual talk between parents or friends or any common man this nine letter word has its place. The reason is, everyone in the society has its burden on their shoulders. From corporate to the normal society everyone is bearing its brunt. And in this stage a customer is turned into a supplicant and is forced to ask for subsidiaries in every essential item for its living from the government and even in subsidiaries when the government decontrols certain products and black marketing, hording happens then it becomes a situation of grid lock and so where to go? How to insulate oneself from this price rise? In this situation again a systematic involvement on IT with a gargantuan scheme of using AADHAR in distribution of subsidiaries would be really affective as it is thought now by the apex body but its implementation is still a concern.
So to empower the countrymen with choices in their lives solution of these two basic but sever problem is a must. And once these roadblocks are solved and action is implemented to minimize them, the country’s happiness index would definitely improve dramatically though GDP would continue to soar (but GDP is not the real success for a country).

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