Friday, February 26, 2010

After Colonial rule retaliation, it's Sachin that Connects INDIA!!!!

Sixty years back there was a time when every Indian had an aim in their mind to over throw the British Empire out of the country and to get their land back where they can lead a peaceful life ahead. This insatiable appetite of all the Indians around really forced the ANGREZ RAAZ to return. That retaliation against the foreign rule made each and every Indian united, irrspective to the caste, creed, colour and status.
That solidarity, unity and the consolidated voice of many for a cause was the last sign of the collective behaviour of all the Indians from North to South and East to West. That Retaliation, that Force and the victorious smile made every body ONE.
The same force, the same zeal and the same smile was once again visualised by me on the faces of many who were coming across me. and that was all because of the Master Blaster which our soil produced approx 36 years and 10 months before. SACHIN was the name that was on the lips of every Indian, was in the conversation of every one and in every language spoken. Every body was elated and at the same was a bit astonished that how come such an ordinary ODI was converted into a Historic battle ground which witnessed a spellbounded innings. 200 not out of 147 balls, this itself shows the temprament and the caliber of the person who was playing.
This inning actually brought the people together,networks for the several minutes were jammed, the conversations on the phones were disturbing but still every body was sharing his/her's share of happiness with the other person. All divisions of the caste, colour and creed was forgotton for quiet some time and every body was Flaunting to be an INDIAN just because of that 5 foot 5 inch Mammoth.

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  1. if it had to be someone...then it had to be sachin only to break dis milestone...3 cheers to him...!!