Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flaunting INDIAness- A Crime????

India- A Secular State, allows everybody a space to live in, to flourish, welcomes each and every citizen from any part of the world with warmth, then why a fuss is to be created if an Indian speaks that??
Shah Rukh Khan(SRK) in an interview displayed his Indian Warmth towards the Pakistani Players and showed his disappointment for their oust and participation in the IPL. This interview was the starting point of the disasterous situations faced by SRK. The next day posters were teared off, effigies of SRK were charred and anti - SRK slogans were in the air and were pronounced by the Shiv sena protestors.
I dont want to discuss what all things were said and replied by SRK and Shiv Sena respectively but what really affected me as an Indian was, the protest of such a magnitude which was raised only because a person presented his views in open and that is really appaling.
It means we as an Indian should not feel free for speaking our mind out in open. Otherwise we could be pulled into a scandal and can be asked to appologise. This states that we have lost THE RIGHT OF INDIVIDUALITY.
Chanting slogans, disrupting traffic, burning effigies, tearing posters etc if these are the ways of presenting your views or your resentment then it is pathetic and Insane. In our country every body has the right to speak what he/she wants to say. Every body has the honour to oppose the views of others and to enter into a discussion but it should not be done by taking law into the hands and by hampering the Business of the other person. A peaceful talk is intelligence, a face to face discussion is healthy and it can be followed only if the EGOS of both the parties are subdued.
Through this SRK/Shiv-Sena clash it is reflected that Speaking your heart out in public is dangerous and it can juxtapose you to several threatning components of society.
But should we get scared of such instances and keep our pitch low or should we show our solidarity by still chatting out our views in public?????

I have Made My Mind and displayed the Views....... Now The Choice is Your's!!!!

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