Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lethargic Reflex Action of the Government!!!!

Terror carnage after carnage, innocence lives are piling up, death toll soars up after every attack, bloodbath is witnessed every where, these are the scences which are commonly shown in the news via newspapers and T.V channels. Every man who is saved from such an attack or is not the part of the tragedy in the next few days comes across various headlines as:
1. Police starts investigating the devastated area.
2. Death Toll soars.
3. Government investigates to find out the terror group responsible for the attack.
4. New group emerges or the same LeT etc takes responsibility.
5. Monetary valuation is presented to the victim's family.
6. Few days later the Home minister orders for some new consolidated security regime.
7. News dust settles down and people forgets the attack.
8. Government does nothing. everything remains same.
9. At the end after few months, another attack and more people dies.

And again this vicious circle goes. It is an appalling truth. Government does nothing and we the people who are not the part of the tragedy does the same.
Why there is always such a lethargic and slow reactions by the government. Every incumbent government promises a lot of things but nothing happens and the innocenct people suffers. Why ????
Why the united States was not attacked after 9/11? Why India after a gap of few moths always gets exposed to a tragedy?
Why not the Government gets strict towards handling terror strikes, to protect its citizens?
There are plenty of questions which can be raised, there are innumerable apologies the govt can make to their people, but then why can not it reat spontaneously and effectively?
People raise questions and the govt presents theory and analysis, but implements nothing, why?
Nobody can give answers except the Government it self......
But i am asking all of you a question, Do you feel safe while roaming in the public stuffed places?
is there any sense of fear that has developed in you minds? And the answer is Yes...
Terror did its work and Govenment is still preparing analytical statistical reports..........

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