Saturday, January 23, 2010

IPCC warning a Hoax!!!!!!

This came as a rude and a stunning shock. The panel which revealed the various harms and ill effects of global warming on our earth also revealed that the Himalayas are retreating at an alarming rate. This finding forced our Environment Minister to take a deep look into this matter and so he prepared a committee and the result was stunning, what ever the IPCC revealed was false and bogus, this is because the rate at which the melting at the himalyas are on is pretty normal rather its stable.Its not alarming.
When this report was unveiled then IPCC started to shout at this conclusion but couldnt prove this wrong, but the report descriptivey revealed the normalcy in the retreating process.
This overall dents the image and the accountability of the panel headed by Mr. Pachuri and also makes a point that the nature has again given our country a chance to redeem our faults and look back to the mistakes which we created in the name of Industrialisation and Growing Economic Country.
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