Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Right To Education(RTE) implemantation has to leap over many obsinate obstacles!!!!

Prime Minister's personal viewpoint and his address to the Indians has really made an impact and stresses on the indispensable role of education in a child's life. That is true absolutely correct, this act will definately help in provide elimentary knowledge to all the children till the age of 14 which is extremely essential for the Inclusive Growth and to turn the talks into reality.
But there are few questions buzzing, will this enforcment of act be ever implemented? Will this act reach the nooks and corners of our country? Will each and every child be benifited out of this step?
And the answer to all these intutive questions are NO. The reason for it is:
1. No proper infrastructural stability to accomodate all the children of each and every section of society.
2. Extreme shortage of capable and qualified teachers to imbibe knowledge to the children.
3. State and center will never act in a concerted way to fully utilise the finnce providede for the implementation of this act. In short, finance leaks will be dominant. So the moolah will not reach till the desired destination.
Why i am saying so is because there are various prodigal incidents which turn out in the same way. Huge investments but rets are naught!!!!
But government's step towards imparting knowledge to all its future holders is in the right direction.
Then in an act like this when huge finances are involved Bureaucracy, Corruption, Mishandling of funds and inappropriation is common. The targeted or the beneficiaries suffer in such situations and at the end people's faith from the government is evaporated.
So that is the reason i feel it is an act which holds great potential in itself for the country's future. And through this act the govermnet can bring in the faith back in the citizens because its an act which everybody wants to get implemented. And if the government is able to do it then it will be a stupendous win for all of us.....
And can also achieve the coveted title of INCLUSIVE GROWTH......
If education spreads out equally then all the root causes of the society which generates poverty, illiteracy and compressed backward thinking will evaporate on its own.
So we want and wish that EDUCATION EMPOWERS!!!! Jai ho!!!!

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