Monday, March 29, 2010

Computing Functionality "Copy and Paste" is literally Indispensable today!!!!

For survival and good living Oxygen, water, food, friends and family is indispensable. These are the most important and essential living factors today. But in this technological driven society where projects, assignments, power point presentations etc are the tools to represent your facts and figures, have you ever thought or something ever stuck into your mind about the N times use of CONTROL+V and CONTROL+C option. Be it any document or project work which needs to be completed in a fixed span of time the COPY and PASTE option always comes handy.
Actually this functionality really simplifies lots of task which needs to be carried. And when the mother of all searche engines like GOOGLE dominates and in few click details out on any topic then COPY PASTE is really essential.
We never thought of it, never ever imagined that just four clicks several times can short script the essence of the document. Though mind and ingenuity is required for the usage of this function but if utilised professionally, this is the real boon for every person who is involved in creating and manuscripting projects and assignments, irrespective of what profession he/she is involved with.
Though this CNTRL V and CNTRL C is just an option to help us, we should not always rely on these for all our work and assessments, rather realising and understanding the lines before copying and pasting is require to get the real knowledge of what we are expected to do.
Just think and assess of what is written above, though this is inevitable but this will really and surely move your attention towards the COPY and PASTE option with a little Gratitude!!!!!

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  1. hi,
    Yes Dhruv well said...copy and paste is an absolute boon (ask us- the last day assignment completors). But on a serious note, absolutely rite that the info is available to us on just a few clicks and that gives us a accessibility to the untapped resources.
    On the other hand I would really appreciate if the students or presentors actully make out their own conclusions and inferences from the information available and actually enhace their knowledge and understanding for the subject. There is a HARVARD style of refrencing wherein you have to read but conclude a summary of your own and then present it and also give the refrence URL address in your assign or presentation. It is followed in all the leading universities.
    Anyways nice to know your views and valuable insight...!!

    Gud day..!!!