Sunday, May 29, 2016

Modi Govt's 2 year of Intent, Development would supersede!!

Multiple Yojnas (Programs), last mile reach through "Mann ki Baat" - being connected to the smallest hamlet in rural India and display of intent to take the country on the path of Socio-Economic development is what the two years of the governments was all about.

One can not expect a sudden surge in the development post a regime change, but it is all about a conducive environment which is essential for a country to move forward. Work on the ground level would not have been so evident (power cuts are still incessant in many parts of the country, last mile connectivity is still a concerns) but the intent to take the country on the world's fastest growing economic speed path is evident and accorded.

More than any opposition that the current government should prepare themselves off, it is the natural events that the governments should keep a track on. No opposition party can harm the ruling party than the natural disasters that pose a threat to the government. These events pose a threat on the government's preparedness and its ability to pacify the situation to normalcy. National Disaster Management front has to be buckled up to face events like "Himachal Blaze", monsoon's preparedness, Chennai Floods and many more. These horrific events have a direct impact on the economic well being of the nation and hence its approach is talked over on various global platforms.

On one side if the government is pushing the path of development then it should also measure the acts which can drag its intent of forward push. Our reliance on environment for economic prosperity is evident but its reverse impact can be as detrimental to the economy that it can leave an irreparable damage.

Wish and hope for a healthy well being but as we all are aware things are not rosy on environment front - Hence, are we prepared?

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