Saturday, May 7, 2016

Democracy in Shambles - Needs Revival across Nations

We all have now witnessed the infamous Turkish Parliament brawl, one parliamentarian punching the other, shouting, screaming, abuses and what not & these are the legislators who have the powers to make, amend or break the laws for the benefit of the masses in general. Ask any Indian, were the scenes of Turkey Parliament brawl amazes them? Answer would be NO. Its a deja vu for many as we have seen our legislators doing what not in parliament. But this piece is not about comparing the acts of one parliament with another, this is more about Democracy and the progressive nature  this style of ruling boasts about. Is it really reeling benefits for nations across globe?

No doubt that every one in Democracy has the right to speech, freedom of expression and various other freedoms which none autocratic nation would enjoy but when it comes to administration - Democracy is not so fulfilling for many. You have the right to select your leaders but democracy limits the execution. In India, we have been hearing about the implementation of GST (one of many enactments)for a decade now, Modi-led government has completed 2 years now but has we witnessed the universally levied tax coming to fore? We might have few acts passed in Lok Sabha but Rajya Sabha (upper house) holds the enactments (blame the minority which the ruling government has). Administrative powers of Democracy if needs to be clipped or ratified should be done. If Pro-Democracy means snarls, delays or indecisiveness then I don't think we are enjoying our Democracy.

People are questioning the odds of Donald Trump becoming the President of The USA and are also questioning the choices which the people of US are making. I believe and has full faith on the choices which the people would make but if this freedom of choice leads them to an arena of indecisiveness then they would also question their judgement.

Also, if we are blessed with Democracy then repeated pronouncements of being able to choose what one wants and what one chooses to be, is not the only pro-factor of democracy but execution of choices, enactments of fundamentally beneficial acts and progressive approach towards mass benefits is what justice, equality, freedom and being republic is all about.

Legislators should have the onus to perform and enunciate the benefits of democracy but acts of hooliganism and disorder creates an irreparable mental void for the masses and it might take decades before one starts trusting the law and legislators again.

Please Mind the Gap/Void!! 

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