Saturday, May 21, 2016

Human Index improvement and Ecological Well Being is essential to enjoy the Economic Advancement!!

Ecstatic with the recent state bound poll results, BJP led NDA expanded its presence in Assam and sprouted its existence in Kerela and West Bengal but on the other hand Congress is staring at a big survival question mark. What strategy to be adopted? How to adopt? Karnataka (an extremely vital state) is going to polls and is on the block. Who to lead and how to project the leader? Imminent congress leaders do believe that an introspection and surgery is essential.

Whatever the case may be, if we are concerned about India's development and is progress, results were progressive and hence keeps our growth engine intact. Opposition to GST would narrow with TMC viewing to back the indirect tax reform and support would only widen. Bankruptcy Law would start showing its effect soon and with GST on the block, monsoon session of the Parliament would be an unprecedented one.

Things do seems to be going forward for economic progression but are we heading towards an inclusive social well being as well? NO we are not. Natural calamity in the form of drought has taken a massive toll in more than 10 states. We need more than transportation of water, we need coherent discussion and laws to deal with such disasters. States have to adhere to sensitivity and look for more collaboration with the center. All parties should focus on discussion and should form a formidable act which can cater to people who need it most in these states. Any loss of days in the parliament or deadlock would only highlight the insensitivity of our legislatures.

Human index improvement and ecological development is essential to enjoy the Economic Advancement.

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