Friday, March 19, 2010

M.F Husain - Right of individuality in danger!!!!!

M.F Husain(MFH) renounces his Indian citizenship and accepts being an Quatari.
This news relly creates a sense of anxiety in mind and plenty of questions are raised in mind. why he did this? What is the reason behind? Why did not the Indian govt do anything?
And the answers are here- The artist of that calibre was tortured, his art of presenting the views on canvass was vandalised. Religious fanatics were always in search of an opportunity to damage his sentiments and his exhibitions. Precisely MFH was suffoecated by the resistance of external fanatics to showcase his art/ideas.
Fanatics enunciated that MFH was hampering & showing disrespect to the dieties of a religion by canvassing their in the buff images(especially Godesses). And so they were religiously hurt by his pervertive art forms and so vandalised his exhibitions and irritated him and resisted him to display his talent.
Vandalising, destructing, irritating someone and resisting to display his/her ideas is not the right way to protest. This may hnegative impact on the mindset of the reciever and even the country has to pay for this. In MFH's case, he flew to Dubai, paused his painting instinct but never stopped. He still creates what he wants, the way he wants. His creations in his way.
And accepted the Quatar's citizenship.
So, what i personnaly feel and think is, if any one wants to protest against some one or shout and stand out to depict anger then he/she is allowed to do that in a democracy but should never suffocate him/her to take such a drastic stand, and at the end we lost MF Hussain.
Now when already he is a Quatari, its share stupidityraise questions on lack of tacking decisions by govt. or by repenting. Its better to accept the reality.
And finally we should learn somthing from this oust, otherwise all the forceful export of talent would make INDIA as a talent-barren country.

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