Sunday, March 14, 2010

Take the Ownership first and then blame Government!!!!

This article of mine totally centralizes on the "Chalta Hai" attitude which we have engrossed and inculcated in ourselves. Such an attitude plays a pivotal role for blaming the government for each and every wrong doing, for every misconduct, for every violation of rules in short for every thing which is away from its usual path of happening, we directly without even thinking for a while, in a split of second blame it to the government. Few commonly used adages are: The Government Is blind to see it?, Why the hel Government doesnt correct it? etc and there are innumerable of such statements.
But now here the wafer thin truth lies. Did we ever thought what we could do to solve any of the problem which is caused in dat to day life? Why after seeing any misconduct or a bad happening , we blame it to the goverment directly? Why always government has to solve the problems or is it only the government's duty to solve the problem??
The answer to the above mentioned question is, we being the citizen of a country should take initiative and should take actions to solve the problems which could cracked on an individual level. Why only blame the government for every bits and pieces?
Problems, misconduct , violation of rules and much more mishappenings always involves the normal people in it and around, then why cant the problem be solved by the people who created it? Why always pass on the buck to the Government? Does it not be considered as the duty of each and every individual to perform his/her bit to find out the solution.
And if the government creates laws, rules and regulations to pause the mishappenings around, then also it is the people who cheat, break and violates the law just because they are magneted by greed and selfishness nature.
If such mean and self centered behaviour of human being continues to prevail then the government's rules and regulations will never be followed and absorbed in the system.
Take an example: an year ago, The usage of plastic bags were banned to be used for the environmental benefits. But ask yourself before saying that the rules were not strict enough to follow, have you taken an initiative of not using the plastics in public or have you taken a lead in teaching/advising/suggesting others of the plastic's harmful effect on the environment?
But we never lack energy or inertia in blaming government for every bit of a problem.
WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.... Government can only create laws but to abide them its WE....
Initiation and Trusteeship/ownership of the work/act towards the people around you is the real panacea of the problems around you.
So next time before blaming the Government instantly, Think Twice and ask, what have you done to solve this problem!!!!

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