Friday, January 15, 2010

Lexicon Scarcity????

As per a recent study conducted it was examined that the Genext is using and learning the lexicon or words which are far below of what they actually should & this scarcity will hamper their chances to get a professional job in the near future.
The reason behind these pondering thoughts is because of the usage of Chats, Net Scraps etc. What I feel is that these statements are true but just a begining of an origination of a new language. Shorter, simpler and crispy language is the next door language.
Technology is changing rapidly and in this fast moving competition with minimal time fast spoken words with less alphabets are the words in use and trend. These changes and reduction in the lexicon is bearable until it hampers the meaning of the word used or the sentence used. The only thing constant is the change, if this change sprouts up a new shorter version of a language, then its acceptability is also supported by the Genext.
Changes are bound to happen until its irrational and illogical.
Wat U Hv 2 Say?


  1. Hv Ntng 2 Ce (why not 'ce' for 'say'?). Lng'ge Ydns (widens) Ur Thots (thoughts). C't (cut) 'T (it) Shrt (short) Nd BHv (behave) l'ke (like) a M'chne (machine).Wat u Thnk?

  2. How I would have said this otherwise: "I have nothing to say. Language widens your thoughts. Cut it short and behave like a machine"!What do you think?

    Think of the generations who will (in years to come) have no reference to the parent words like 'What' for 'Wat', 'Have' for 'Hv' and my addition 'Say' for 'ce'.
    Their brains will definitely respond very fast but only to very simple environmental stimuli.

    Do we agree to this?