Friday, March 26, 2010

Ostentatious Display of Wealth, Deep Rotten Crisis Management System etc etc- It seems the future is Dead Locked!!!!

Below Poverty Line (BPL) is line which keeps on stretching and widening in our country. Every year millions of people gets added to this section of society just because they are not able to meet their daily requirement of necessities and their disposable income is far too low. This is just one part of the fact the other fact is the Ostentatious display of wealth by our ministers by wearing and showing off the garland studded with the highest indian denomination currency.
The reason of this differenciation clearly signifies the yawning gap or the never to be reduced abyss between the rich and the poor. Our Government promises term after term to bridge this gap but it always happen to be the opposite.
How can a citizen put his/her faith on the governing body of India which do not stand by its commitmment?
If this is not enough to raise your eye brows then bear this one!!!! Park street Kolkata- charred bodies of the people were found on the fifth and the sixth floor. The reason was a massive inferno and to add salt to the wound or to make the situation more critical the fire fighting teams with full preparedness reached 85 minutes after the fire raged. This shows the Rotten Crisis management System of our country. Many lives could have been saved and minimum casualty could be assessd if the Fire fighting brigades reached the destination of havoc on time but it did not happen.
These incidents simply potrays our vulnerability in front of our underprepared government. And at the time of crises we can not hope to get the help on the time when it requires the most. Its a bit shocking and ironical to say but it is the truth that we have dipped our expectations from the government at the lowest level in any circumstances, which should be with us and beside us in any case.
So if such a scenario prevails then the future is a certain Dead Lock........


  1. see what chetan bhagat has to say about mayawati's garland

  2. Hi Dhruv,
    I appriciate you speaking your mind so boldly but i sincerely believe that we are so used to all this that we hardly bother about the outcomes or the responsibility of the elected government. If I go out to cast a vote tomorrow, I am not convinced that even one of the listed representatives is going to bring any CHANGE.
    All said an done, forget the government. I am very sure that we at our level also have promoted or been a part of corruption at some point of time. So no doubt that the garland of a political leader is going to get heavier by the time. Its upto individuals to take a step ahead and realise his duties and responsibilities. Stop the blame game and kill the social demon yourself...!!

    Cheers, Gud day...!!
    Ishan Gangakhedkar

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  4. Hi Dhruv,
    As Ishaan rightly said that we the people of India are moreover responsible for things happening like dez...
    Freinds let me ask you a simple question...
    "How many of us have ever bothered to raise our voice when a blueline bus keep stopping at every bus stop or did we ever tried to question a station master for the delay of train. Becuase we are used to it. We bribe a TC in train, passports offices,when being caught by police wala for not having a DL or proper documents,etc. so we are the ones who have promoted the corruption and that's our money which is displayed publicly....
    and what you ppl have to say abt the recently published photos of sonia gandhi wearing a crown..
    But I really appreciate Dhruv for highlighting his views and thus giving us an opportunity to Xpress Ourselves...

  5. Ishaan and Sarabjeet, both of you have directly touched the chord which i have expressed in my previous blog. Do read and comment on that.
    Blame Yourself First....

    Glad to see your participation and the way you are presenting your views.

    Keep going and rocking!!!!

  6. The blog which relates to the point raised by Isan and Sarabjeet is: Take Ownership first and then blame Government(my previous blog)....

    Do view dat.....