Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fast Criminal Trials!!!!

The present government is contemplating to form a committee which will route through Supreme Court to District court in order to take the necessary steps for reving the trial speed for the criminals. Right now criminals are stuffed into jails exceeding in their capacities and out of these convicts majority have been jailed for petty issues, many have spent most of their convicting period and many did not even got the right to use the courts. law and advocates to prove their innocence.
In such a situation where convicts are languishing their lives in jails in an appalling situation with no proper food, lack of sanitary facilities and in unhygienic conditions, this thought by the current govt. to speed up the trials to get the quick result comes as a boon for the convicts and their kins.
Now as the process is on track we just pray that it does not fall to the same lethargic govt. trend of dragging the issues, accumulating more time to get the things out, adding on the flabs of beaurocracy and on and on and on, their are many features of govt. to diss upon. But in this case we hope and pray that this issue is dealt with urgency and the plight of the prisoners is taken care of.

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