Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fog's Interruption in Daily Routine- Govt's Laxity!!!!

Fog induced chaos in Northern India in winters is a regular affair. Disrupting various flight schedules, passenger bloated airports and long waiting queues for their flight to take off are the few common scenes in winters which causes a hell lot of promlems and brings misery for the passengers.
It even creates a bad impression in the mindset of the tourists for our country. Being a Technology Savvy country we can't provide an easy going air traffic schedules at this time of the year.
Even after knowing the problems the government is obstinate to take the corrective action to improve this appalling situation. Though technologies like CAT 3 instruments and RVR systems are installed but their constant upkeep is not done constantly and resulting in the malfunctuning of these systems at the time it is supposed to work properly.
As an emerging and a devoloping country it is our duty to ensure a congestion and a halt free air traffic schedules to promote and increase the influx of tourists from other countries to visit INDIA for Tourism and Business promotions, as Air Transport is the major and an imperative link of connection.

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