Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking Back The "Deemed" Status!!!! FUTURE UNCERTAIN....

The HRD ministry has taken a step to strip away the DEEMED status which was granted to 45 educational institutes in our country. The announcement of this news has spread the doubts on the future of various students ranging from 175000 to 210000. Though all these institutes were not meeting the parameters to be pronounced as a Deemed university. Some were lacking on the infrastructural basis, some on the management front, higher fee stuctures, disproportionate intake capacity are some of the few points which were notified.
Now the question arises: were all these points not visible while the status was being offered? If all these things an institute lacks then why the status was placed? Were there any monetary value changing proceedings which took place to play with the future of students? The point to note is, if the structure of the educational institutes is bonded with the Deemed status which is purchased for the personal gains keeping the future of students at the risk, then its a criminal offence and the perpetrators should be punished under law for such a 'henious' crime. And if there is a fake base of an institute then our country will never ever become a country with SUPER POWER status.
Now as the things are out in public, first of all pasing on the blame to the other person or to the govt. will not benefit in any case. Rather we should start thinking of the students whose future is left with uncertainity in the middle and should accomodate them in the other institutes with equal status by increasing the seats in other institutes on a random basis.

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