Monday, January 11, 2010

Govt's Ignorance to Oz Attacks!!!!

Case after case, many Indians have become the victim of the apparently called Racist Attacks by the ruthless and ill behaved young aussies. The sad demise of Nitin Garg should atleast force the Indian Govenment now to take an immediate step or to create a doctrine for the Indians abroad to follow it up to protect their interset. Legions of Australian Ministers have tried to protect their country's interest by giving assurances various times to India about the attaks by repeating the words that they will curb it out. But that is not happening.
Now it is the turn of the Indian Government to leave aside the rhetoric speeches and implement some new sringent policies for the aussies to seaze any more such incidents. And if it still continues then to protect the citizens out there a strict CALL BACK should be done. Career can only flourish if there is safety and security around. And in this case our own country has the of the best colleges of the world and it readily welcomes our citizens back to flourish their careers.....


  1. Do you think only a CALL BACK from the government will solve the problem? How about those who have sold off everything they had here in India with a view to go abroad, earn good money and look for better days? Consider how many Indians in Australia are actually students!The attacks are on Indians and not just on Indian students!Complex issue?

  2. Stringent deadline to create a doctrine or a set of rules and regulations are to be implemented by the Oz govt to protect and secure the interests of Indian Community out there.
    A lethal warning of Calling Back will put on tremendouspressure on Australia to protect its status of a secure educational destination.