Thursday, January 7, 2010

Revival Economy Cues!!!!

As we can still hear the reverberations of the economic slowdown which can be felt in the slumbing economic condition in Dubai. But thanks to our Banking policies which cutioned us from such a mess.
But as we enter into 2010 we can expect to grow at a rate of 9% in the current Financial Year, watching the previous FY. The reason to back this can be determined by the rising inflation, more and more shopoholics are back in the malls again, Job seekers are back in their recruiting trend and the purchasing power or the disposable income has increased substantially.
But the area where we have to revive or to pull our socks up is the development of infrastructural sector ranging from Healthcare establishment, roadways development, Institutional structure etc and this is the major area of concern and this is the REAL economy development indicator, the more the infrastructural components the more stronger the Inclusive economy. Stock market do represent the emerging economy indices but that is not the ideal barometer to check the emergence of the economy.

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