Sunday, January 17, 2010

Indian Cricket's Pinnacle Position is the not Permanent but is just a display of Perfection!!!!

A great legend cricketer commented on the temporary primal position acquired by the Indian Cricket team in the Test cricket which is the real performance parameter for the cricket team.
I do agree with the not-so-permanent-status of our team, but by attaining that peak we have shown that its not just monetary or financial matters where we have gained supremacy but the on field performance is also by far the best.
To attain this position speaks a lot about the strenghts which our team persists, the coach and players relationship, the player to player bonding and understanding is stronger now and the way we have started taking defeats in our strides is really commendable. These things really put our team in the top slot with maximum points. Dressing room atmosphere is more friendlier now with many smiles flowing out of the room which is a good sign of team's new and formiddable bonding.
But there are various plots where we need to work upon. Though oru bowling is strong but it is not the best. It require a lot of discipline to sustain the top post. Players like Zaheer and Harbhajan requires support from the other end which is sometimes too good and sometimes appaling. This incosistency is relly dangerous. Even fielding department is a cause to worry. laxity in this department can be a lethal cause to loose various important matches so we need to be accurate in our fielding practices.
Apart all these technical aspect, in short it can be said that though we are not the team with more time on the top because of less matches played or any other reason but by coming to the we have shown the world that in the upcoming years we ae the real contendors to the pinnacle point.

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